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Ceramic pots from Pots and Pithoi

The word ceramic comes from the Greek word κεραμικός (keramikos) meaning pottery and tableware made from clay.

Ceramics in Crete are still as prolific and Pots and Pithoi have the best artisans making hand thrown, hand painted wares.


Vratsa ceramic pots


Hand thrown stoneware with inlaid glass in cool creams and blues.

Irenes ceramic pots


Bright hand thrown lanterns, bowls, dishes and jugs with homemade organic, non toxic glazing.

Niki ceramic pots


Natural organic stoneware bowls, plates, mugs, jugs and vases in earthy colours.

Leach Pottery ceramic pots

Leach Pottery

Rustic hand-thrown tableware from The Leach Pottery, glazed in rich earthy colours.

Costas ceramic pots


Individually hand painted ceramics and a range of stunning colours and patterns.

Florentine ceramic pots


Bowls, vases, tiles, and small figures made by a ceramicist specializing in low relief and ornate floral decoration.