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Our Products

Hand thrown potsDuring the early Bronze Age, Crete was the centre of Europe's most ancient civilisation. The Minoan culture flourished and wide trading contacts were developed. Pots designed to contain oils and ointments were used to store and transport goods. The mountains gifted Crete with a fertile plateau and wide regional variations of clay produced wares unique in character.

Our pots today are produced in the same traditional way, using top grade clay. They are thrown on the wheel and fired using olive pips and grape seeds to fuel the kilns. Reaching over 1150°C, smoke and flames burnish the pots to create naturally patinated, frost resistant pots. We also hold a large collection of original vessels that are beautiful relics of a bygone age. All our Cretan products are sourced from small family businesses to encourage the continuation of their skills.

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Olive pips and grape seeds used in firing.